For Users


findmyequipment.com.au is Australia’s premium marketplace for selling and buying new and used equipment nationwide.
We’re sick of the increasing prices in the online advertising industry, where the costs are ultimately passed on to the buyer. So we’ve developed findmyequipment.com.au as an industry solution to provide the best online marketplace in Australia connecting buyers and dealers quickly and easily.
At findmyequipment.com.au, we want you to browse for new and used equipment with the confidence that search results are based 100% on your criteria. Our search results aren’t manipulated by premium ads or other paid rankings.
We know it’s a busy world out there, so we have both desktop and mobile sites available, designed to provide the best user-friendly experience wherever you are.
Find the equipment you want with findmyequipment.com.au.

For Dealers


Advertising online shouldn’t be as costly as it is. findmyequipment.com.au has been built to provide dealers the opportunity to change online advertising.
We’re providing a platform to connect buyers and sellers based on the equipment dealers have for sale, and the equipment buyers are looking for. With no premium ads or tiered pricing structures findmyequipment.com.au is a genuine and open marketplace.
We do not hide your branding or contact details; they’re an important part of any business!
We want to provide dealers a site that generates more leads and sales than any other site in Australia. Our site provides more value including branding, contact details, microsites, and a low single-tiered price structure.
It’s a competitive market for dealers. Register with findmyequipment.com.au and reduce your costs.